Workshop, generative design & virtual reality, september 2016, ENSA Paris Malaquais

Teachers: Clément Gosselin
Tutor: Léo Demont

This was a one week workshop organised by the Digital Knowledge department. The workshop aims were to make an introduction to generative design and virtual reality by using Rhinoceros/Grasshopper and Dixie. The virtual reality was there used to visualised the project, but also to directly design with the helmet.
The student worked as a team on a definition made with Grasshopper. They design a shape at the architectural scale. The virtual reality allow them to understand the space atmosphere they created and then to modify the definition parameters to match their ideas in terms of scale materials and space morphology.

Students |
Aubin Tanguy, Benei Jade, Bou Salman Diana, Castel Louis, Copie Eléonore, de Matos Laura, Duboys Fresney Elisabeth, Fernandes Chamica Naide, Gaillard Gauthier, Ghiai-Chamlou Anahita, Grosman Clélia, Jami Guillaume, Khalife Margot, Lee Alice, Mahuzier Malo, Melobosis Emilie, Neron Héliance, Pham Van Pauline, Rolland Mélanie, Tisserand Guillaume.

Sep 30, 2016 Category: teaching