Digital Design Literacy, 2nd week, September 2013 ; ENSA Paris Malaquais

Organization: Pierre Cutellic, Maurizio Brocato, Christian Girard, Philippe Morel
Teachers: Paul Ehret, Philippe Eversmann, Nicolas Leduc, Minh Man Nguyen, Satoru Sugi-hara, Jelle Feringa, Felix Agid, Allison Weiler, Pierre Cutellic
Tutors: Ludovic Haehnsen, Mathieu Venot, Clément Gosselin, Paul Poinet, Cristina de La Pena, Charles Bouyssou, Sylvain Usai, Jerome Barrios-Lacoma
Lecturers: Kas Oosterhuis, Marta Malé-Alemany

Workshop robotic tool création /Semaine 2
Teacher : Felix Agid
Teacher assistant : Clément Gosselin / Matthieu Venot

Workshop aims :
This workshop was part of the « Digital Design Literacy » workshops event organized in the ENSA Paris Malaquais by Pierre Cutellic, Maurizio Brocato, Christian Girard and Philippe Morel. This was a one week workshop. The objectives were to make an introduction to computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software. Tutorials were given on Rhino/grasshopper an Hall Robotics plug in. Each student group modeled and fabricate a tool adapted to fit on a 6 axes robot to create a manufacturing process. The exercise consisted to think a fabrication process in relation with their tool constraints, by programming the robot cinematic with simulation tool and then manufacture a prototype with it.

Students :
Marie Chevrier et Armelle Martin-Richon, Kim Yoona, Caroline Hug de Larauze & Nicolas Quiterie, Caroline Hug de Larauze & Nicolas Quiterie, Alieth Barbet, Nikola Jovanovic & Margaux Bullier, Manon Fichet, Ingrid Noual et Laure Lepigeon, Kubrusly Marcia, Corentin Morel & Nicolas Siffermann.

Sep 05, 2013 Category: teaching