Workshop September 2014, ENSA Paris Malaquais, France

Teachers: Nicolas Leduc, Julien Deprez
Tutors: Clément Gosselin

This was a one week workshop. Its aim was to introduce generative design to third year undergraduate student throughout a furniture design project, by using rhinoceros and Grasshopper. One of the project constraints was to include 3D printed elements (FDM, filament deposit manufacturing) in their projects. The student had to design their furniture by taking into account the specific constraint of this manufacturing process.

Students : Ines Rodriguez, Mahriz Akhavan, Marie Chatin, Blandine Fauquet, Jérémy Moreuil, Jessica Gérard, Misoo Jung, Edouard De Lesquen, Marie Berneau, Olivier Rouanet, Anna Speakman, Alexandre Atamian, Léo Demont, Xiang Li.

Sep 05, 2014 Category: teaching