P5 : Research center

Echange Carleton university, Ottawa
Licence 3 semestre 1
Enseignant : Inderbear Riard
Etudiant : Clément Gosselin

This is an experimental project that was entirely design with parametric software. The design is the result of the definition of mathematics Boolean rules. Those rules make an algorithm which is defined with a programming language. The architecture is generated by this algorithm. There are three main definitions in the project: the space, the program and the structure.

_The space is discretizes by a 3D regular grid of points which are the potential position of voxels (space unite).

_Each part of the program is defined by a gathering of voxel that follow repartition rules depending on the type of the space.

_The structure is intricate to the space unite repartition: it is composed by parametric modules. They follow functions that optimized the shape of the structure depending on the position of the spaces unites.

Hence those rules, the building can evolve and growing up according to the needs. Because the building shape is complex the entire building could be 3D print with robot including in its design (the building could be built by itself). To make the building evolve, you just defined the space unit you want to add, then the software adjusts the structure to build it, and then robots actualized the structure by 3D print the new space.

Screen shot du grasshopper définissant le projet.

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